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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October – a month that holds special meaning for me, and indeed for all who have faced the word and world that is Cancer.

For me, October presents that series of tests – blood, exams, mammogram, ultrasound.  October gave me yet another milestone along the journey of life – another year to be present and another year ahead with the promise to live it “cancer free.”

The present year brings many JOYS. Health, family, friends, and activities with purpose.  It has brought two new purposeful publications both award-winning. It has given many sunny, beautiful days and hours to use for myself, my work, and even to plan and envision many more hours, days, even years ahead.

When Mommy Got Cancer Book

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month had special focus upon the newly released book,  When Mommy Got Cancer – Creating JOY Together.  The dream and wish of Author, Karen Garcia has been realized (click on the book cover to see more). Myself, Karen’s mother, and book Illustrator, Lisa J. Michaels appeared on WJXT-Channel 4 ‘s (Jacksonville, Florida) Morning Show for a warm interview featuring the book. Click here to see interview.

All those whose lives have been impacted by Cancer and those still to face the diagnosis and impact have hearts full of appreciation and gratitude toward those who walked, ran, supported and gave of sources and self to gain an upper hand.  How appropriate, I think, that October is followed by November – Thanksgiving Month.

Designation of “Months” helps us focus and arouse us to use our time for purposeful activities – to choose to make a difference.

As I ponder the words – Cancer – Month – Purpose – Choose, my thoughts flow to realizations that all are connected, and connected positively; as in Cancer Month offers a Purpose to Choose to support.

Yet, Cancer doesn’t have a month.  Cancer is omnipresent – every month.  Cancer, indeed, forces us to “choose.”

I share other thoughts from another time. A month, as with many months, I was forced to choose.  I chose JOY.


CHOOSE  JOY  ©2003

A diagnosis of cancer stabs deep into one’s being – physical, emotional, spiritual, and mortal.

Each one of us so identified reacts and responds within the confines or expanses of our resources.

Decisions required of us assign us to “chosen paths” in our struggle to survive – to be just ourselves – a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a child, a professional, a caring person, a productive contributor –

–  JUST ME   –

Do I assume the mentality and habits of a victim?

Do I take up yet another overwhelming challenge along life’s path of many challenges?

Do I re-make myself anew?

Do I put on the proud armor of survivor?

Do I re-fill the tank that fuels my soul?

Do I choose, with all of my intention, to be not JUST ME; but to be a

–  BETTER ME?   –

You have chosen to survive.

Choosing compels your focus of intent to make something your own.

You can choose JOY.

JOY is a unique blessing for you the survivor.

JOY is a gift to you the survivor.

Fill your spirit with JOY.  Become JOY.

JOY is only JOY when it is given – therein lies the blessing of survival.    

Dr. Ruth….Rx: EnJOY

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