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It’s YOUR TIME – Thoughts on life with cancer

Ruth E. ClarkI start this – my first blog – with a whirling of thoughts on life with cancer. Life with cancer is life. It’s my life. It’s your life. It’s a life with cancer.

My life with cancer began with the diagnosis the first month into retirement after thirty-four years as an educator working with special needs children and their families. How I looked forward to having my time.

My time, I was told with diagnosis, was expected to be “six to nine months.”

Faith has always been part of my life. I wasn’t afraid to die; but I wasn’t ready to leave just yet. I searched intensely for direction, for meaning, for reasons, for information, for options, and for support. I prayed and trusted for an extension on my time.

My time has been extended.  I heard the words “cancer free.”  I celebrate my birthday March 11th – I celebrate MY TIME!

Reflections on my time release from my inner being a full gamut of emotions – of self, of spouse, of son and daughter-in-law, of grandchildren, of extended family members, of dear friends and new friends, of fellow survivors (some whose lives were also extended and many whose time with us ended); but mostly the emotions are tied to lessons learned and blessings received.

My time has afforded me options, choices, and opportunities to give. Giving of what I have been given in my time has been the most sustaining resource for renewal of energies and for refilling my spiritual reservoir.

My time – your time, my life – your life are gifts for celebration and call for celebration for gifts!

With the extension of my time, I wish to share thoughts, engage with others, and gift the blessings of survival to you.

Ruth E. Clark, Ed. D.
Spouse, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, teacher, writer, author, publisher, blessed cancer survivor


  • Dear Ruth,

    Those of us who know and love you feel equally blessed to share in your time, and to lend ours to you as an extension of JOY and support!

    The aura of peace and kindness that surrounds you, reminds us to embrace and share the best part of ourselves with the world.

    You are truly an inspiration that will always transcend my perception of time, and I look forward to every minute, hour, day and year that you are granted!

  • Ann McGowan says:

    Oh my gosh – this is all so beautiful!!! The web site is terrific, your blog is wonderful & so thought provoking! The pictures of the books & the write ups are perfect.
    Congratulations!! Thank you so much for all you have done for Karen, Zaiden & me, I know Karen is celebrating in heaven tonight.
    Bundles of Joy,

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