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In 2009, Dr. Clark founded Read To Someone You Love™ as the Community Outreach Service arm of Hibiscus Publishing, LLC. The RTSYL Mission is to honor the relationship between the reader and listener through time spent together with books.

Dr. Clark’s many years of working with children and families strengthens her belief that there is no farther-reaching endeavor than to read to a child. Reading to or with a child opens the child’s world to adventure and fun. The reading relationship becomes the conduit for love, trust, and sharing of ones self. The time spent in this endeavor becomes the core of self-worth for the reader and listener.

Read To Someone You Love – The Program™ serves children and communities by facilitating non-profit organizations and corporate partnerships to develop, support, and build reading relationships. Special introduction/training sessions for reader volunteers are available to support a strong volunteer-non-profit Program.

The RTSYL Program provides:

Dr. Clark is available to speak to your organization about RTSYL, to develop an individualized program to carry out or enhance the goals of your Mission and to learn how RTSYL can be a supportive source for your fundraising.

Tell us about your non-profit or service organization and include your mission, needs, and wishes.

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