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Treasures of Joy
Hibiscus Publishing


About Hibiscus Publishing

Hibiscus Publishing is a small, Independent, Partnership Publisher of trade-standard, award-winning books for children, families, and specialized niche markets.

Hibiscus Publishing was founded January 2007 by Ruth E. Clark, Ed. D. upon the philosophy that reading is the foundation for building strong bonds which transmit moral and social values, for stimulating creativity and individualism, and for opening possibilities to the highest aspirations and achievements.

About Our Books

Our books are treasures of JOY and troves of creative imagination.

Our Authors

Our authors are selected with great care after reading submitted manuscripts which hold promise of a book with a positive message for readers. Selected writers are coached and guided step-by-step through a Writer-To-Author Framework©. Writers work as a publishing partner on their manuscript which is edited and polished to good writing requirements, details, and standards. The goal of this working partnership process is to develop the manuscript to be fit for publication. A Publishing Agreement may then be negotiated.

Our Illustrators

Our illustrators are selected for each book following a wide search through many same genre books, illustrator websites, illustrator agencies, and our illustrator files. Selections are based upon illustration style, expression, and a “fit” for the polished manuscript. Hibiscus extracts three or four “illustratable” manuscript excerpts to send as queries for considered illustrators to submit sample illustrations for their choice of two of the excerpts. An Illustrator selection is made and an Illustration Agreement is negotiated.


Our Publishing Partnerships recognize and value the talents, skills, creativity, and professionalism of each component required to take and develop a writer’s vision into a book or product of eye-catching attraction, emotion-evoking illustrations, reader- grabbing storytelling, and pleasing page-by-page flow for page-through, read, and re-read, and which holds the promise of a worthy investment for now and over time.

Our Publishing Partnerships are comprised of writers, editors of specific type at strategic points, illustrators, cover designers, interior designers, layout designers, composition, printing, and publishing components. Each Partnership is formed to maximize the success of the project. Each partner works by negotiated Agreement.

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photo of Mommy wearing pretty hats and scarves

Illustrator Lisa  J. Michaels