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Ages 3 to 8

Hardcover - 32 pages

Florida Santa – Is He Real? How Do We Know It?


Illustrated by Sara Caterisano

Children in nearly every culture eagerly await a Santa. Florida Santa brings unique variations to his visit – no snow, boots, sleigh, or chimney; rather sand angels, flip-flops, shorts, and SUVs. Traditional images are replaced with emphasis on traditional values. This delightful story confirms that Florida Santa is real, and reassures that every child’s Santa will arrive.

In Florida Santa, Dr. Clark presents a delightful story of a child’s search for reassurances that his Santa is real. Storyteller, Dr. Clark speaks to children with a reassuring grandmother’s voice.

Illustrator, Sarah Caterisano captures the essence of a child’s dilemma bringing color and expression to his most important concerns. Sarah’s illustrations readily catch the eye of the listener exciting exploration of experiences particular to Florida. Her images expand to show and share the love, joy, and dreams of children everywhere.

“Dr. Clark’s Florida Santa responds to the questions in the hearts of children everywhere – Is Santa Real? and “Will Santa Know where to find me?” The story is delightfully reassuring, emphasizing that Santa is “not just a guy who brings toys,” but rather that the “spirit of Santa is giving.” The spirit of Santa is “spread through love given heart to heart.” Florida Santa is a unique and value-rich book to add to any child’s Christmas Library.

~ Neda S. Newnam, MSW, LCSW Family and Clinical Social Worker.


ISBN: 978-0-9792963-0-7

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