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Hibiscus Publishing
Airport Mouse Book

Book 4 of 4-book series

Ages 3 to 8

Hardcover - 32 pages

Airport Mouse Becomes a VIP / VIM World Traveler


Illustrated by Phil Jones

As they work the night shift at the new airport terminal, Mr. Michelson and Airport Mouse read books about the many flight destinations throughout the world. Mr. Michelson tells Captain Elliott that he looks forward to traveling to these exciting places “some day; but for now, we will just have to dream about going.” Airport Mouse goes to sleep. He dreams of being Captain Manny Mouse, piloting his plane all over the world. Airport Mouse is transported in his dreams to London, Paris, Rome, Venice, the Austrian Alps, Russia, Japan, Hawaii, Tahiti, and on an African Safari. The story is a fun introduction to the study of cultures, travel, customs, food, and understanding others.

In this fourth book of the four-book Airport Mouse series, the focus is upon the possibilities of air travel to reach “far-away” places of great interest, cultural differences, and experiences which unite persons throughout the world.

Storyteller, Dr. Clark, found some obstacles to writing these experiences for Airport Mouse – namely, mice aren’t welcomed on airplanes. So how could Airport Mouse take flights which were introduced to him through reading? Airport Mouse has learned a great deal from his adult friend, Mr. Michelson; and both have had “dream” adventures beyond the airport terminal by “reading about going.” Dr. Clark thought to capture both the influences of reading upon the imagination and how that imagination is turned loose to influence dreams. The narrative resolution became clear; Airport Mouse reads to dream, and dreams to become. Airport Mouse becomes Captain Manny Mouse, and “he’s off!”

Illustrator Phil Jones captures the expanse of fantasy in the transformation of Airport Mouse as he becomes a Very Important Mouse and World Traveler. Illustrator, Phil Jones, lets his own mind open up as he illustrates Airport Mouse’s vivid dreams as explosions of colorful delights. Though Dr. Clark’s words are few, the story captures the intent of the message: Read to dream – dream to become.

Moms Choice Awards Honoring Excellence


ISBN: 978-0-9792963-5-2

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