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Treasures of Joy
Hibiscus Publishing
Airport Mouse Book

Book 3 of 4-book series

Ages 3 to 8

Hardcover - 32 pages

Airport Mouse Explores On Opening Day


Illustrated by Phil Jones

Airport Mouse slept through the night shift. He awakens in the morning to not find Mr. Michelson. Airport Mouse ventures out alone. This day is Opening Day Celebration at the new terminal. Airport Mouse is not prepared for the crowds and excitement of the event. He encounters many difficult experiences, and he does not have a happy day. Airport Mouse escapes to a safe place. He is again found by Mr. Michelson who takes Airport Mouse to his special place in their locker. Airport Mouse recounts the frightening experiences of Opening Day. Airport Mouse is comforted that Mr. Michelson acknowledges he has shown courage.

In Book 3 of the 4-book series, Airport Mouse learns that little folks need lots of courage when they are alone in new places with new faces and unexpected activities.

Storyteller, Dr. Clark, weaves a story of Airport Mouse’s frightening events into one of the discovery of courage. Illustrator, Phil Jones, delightfully captures the fear, the courage, and the happy ending.

Moms Choice Awards Honoring Excellence


ISBN: 978-0-9792963-4-5

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