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Hibiscus Publishing
Airport Mouse Book

Book 2 of 4-book series

Ages 3 to 8

Hardcover - 32 pages

Airport Mouse Works The Night Shift


Illustrated by Phil Jones

Mr. Michelson and Airport Mouse are friends and partners in maintenance working the night shift in the new terminal. Airport Mouse awakens in his special place remembering that Mr. Michelson has a night off. Airport Mouse stands tall and proud – not mouse-sized at all – and prepares to work on his own. After a night shift of surprises, he becomes tired from his chores and quite full from eating too much at the Food Court. The story is an adventure of making good choices and developing self-confidence.

Airport Mouse’s enthusiasm at the Food Court emphasizes how some choices made by a “small one” on one’s own and without guidance, can cause difficulties. Airport Mouse recognizes the cause-effect of his poor choices, and overcomes them with feelings of accomplishment and pride.

Storyteller, Dr. Clark, allows for free exploration and the stretching of possible choices, experiences, and outcomes as Airport Mouse works and chooses without adult guidance. Dr. Clark demonstrates how childhood achievements – no matter their measure – build positive images of self.

Illustrator, Phil Jones, captures the “I can do it” attitude. Airport Mouse takes on real dilemmas in the quest for his confident self.

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ISBN: 978-0-9792963-3-8

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