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Airport Mouse Book

Book 4 of 4-book series

Ages 3 to 8

Softcover - 16 pages

Airport Mouse Becomes a VIP / VIM World Traveler –
Activity Fun Book 4


Illustrated by Phil Jones

Activity Fun Book 4 [Book 4 of 4] is a collection of tracing, printing, coloring, letter printing, letter identification and puzzle fill-in activities. AFB4 provides the child’s exposure and introduction to historical cultures and costumes of different countries. Presentation, exploration, and comparisons of costumes and cultures will open discussions for acceptance of differences. The storybook adventures explore how reading books can open one’s fantasy to dream. Airport Mouse dreams he has become an airplane captain who travels worldwide sampling the excitement of many countries.

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Mom's Choice Award

ISBN: 978-0-9792963-9-0

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